Individual Therapy

I believe that that the most important part of therapy is the relationship between the therapist and client. My first task is to create an environment of trust so that you will feel safe to be honest with me so that we can explore what is going on. I don’t have one modality that I use because all people are unique. At any given time I only have one client: the one that I am with , and I customize my approach accordingly. I am constantly amazed at the insights and truths that can be illuminated when a person is given the space and structure to feel truly safe and supported.

It has been my privilege to work with a wide variety of individuals ranging in age from children to seniors. I have had success working with challenges spanning panic disorders, anxiety, ADHD, depression, trauma, grief, OCD, creative blocks, self destructive habits, eating disorders, and relationship challenges. Sometimes people don’t know what is wrong but they know something isn’t right.

You speak, I listen, and we identify the obstacles to assist you in living your most authentic, joy-filled, free and radiant life.